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Good Morning from Warmbier Farms
Love is in the air!  Valentines displays, St Partrick's displays, Spring, Easter displays, they are going up faster than the mercury on the thermometer!  We are doing new displays by the day.  As much as I love Christmas I love Spring even more, why you ask, it signals the season of shorts!  But seriously, it is always a joy to see a new display going up and new items being added.  After 20+ years it still amazes me the new styles and items they keep coming up with!

What is happening at Warmbier Farms this week
Now through January 24th, we are featuring 15% off any regularly priced item with the color green on it.

Be sure to check out the News & Events tab on Warmbier Farms (in the upper right corner of the page).  We are starting a series of classes.  Our next class will be January 30th at 10 am.  It is a wonderful spring centerpiece!  Cost is $40 and I have a pic of it up there as well.


Lovin it all!
Loren Warmbier and everyone at Warmbier Farms
Warmbier Farms
5300 Garfield
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Thank you for visiting Warmbier Farms.  We serve the Bay City, Midland Saginaw and Mid Michigan area with a great selection of Home and Garden Accessories.  Our seasonal displays of Spring, Patriotic, Fall and Christmas make for a great day of shopping.  Warmbiers has a great selection of gifts, garden, home decor, plants (seasonally roses, perennials, annuals and more) and so much more.
We hope to see you soon!


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