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Hello from Warmbier Farms
It has been an unbelievable week!  As you may remember we were off to market to buy new things.  We had scheduled many of the new shipments to come in around the end of March, with various coming in from time to time before (there is always something new!).  Well, we have had truck after truck after UPS. Seems like a lot of suppliers were excited to send something out to us right away!  We have been chipping away at all the boxes and finally getting caught up slightly, but lots of the new items are here! 

Warmbier Farms happenings are 
Through February 10th we are featuring 15% off all regularly priced items with the color pink on them (remember Valentine's Day is coming).

On top of that we are featuring 20 percent off anything regularly priced with a heart on it or in the shape of a heart.  
An in case you are thinking party this weekend
All dips and popcorn are buy 1 get 1 of equal or lesser value 50 percent off. 

Don't forget those red coupons you received the end of 2015. They are good through February, plenty of time to come in, but just want to remind you about them of course.

Dreaming of Spring!
Loren Warmbier and everyone at Warmbier Farms
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Thank you for visiting Warmbier Farms.  We serve the Bay City, Midland Saginaw and Mid Michigan area with a great selection of Home and Garden Accessories.  Our seasonal displays of Spring, Patriotic, Fall and Christmas make for a great day of shopping.  Warmbiers has a great selection of gifts, garden, home decor, plants (seasonally roses, perennials, annuals and more) and so much more.
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